Free GCMS Notes

Experienced delays with IRCC and CBSA after requesting GCMS notes? We’re offering a free re-request to help you get the information you need.

Identity verification for GCMS requests

Identity verification is a process used to confirm the identity of an individual. This is often done to protect the privacy of the individual or to prevent fraud. In the context of GCMS requests, identity verification is used to ensure that the information being requested is being requested by the person to whom it relates.

All about GCMS notes delays

These days delays with GCMS requests from IRCC are common, random and in most cases arbitrary. That is why some files arrive on time and some are delayed. The decision by IRCC to delay files is driven by the increase in volume of requests they are receiving.

All about consent for minors

Due to concerns about illegal immigration, child abduction and abuse, and identity fraud – information about minors can only be released with the consent of both biological parents or with a valid custody agreement.

All about Chinook

Chinook is IRCC’s Excel based tool used to bulk process immigration applications. See official Chinook documents obtained directly from IRCC.