Canada Removal Order

Allowed to leave.

A removal order, issued by either the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), legally compels a person to leave Canada and prohibits them from remaining in the country. It’s a serious legal matter with substantial consequences.

Here’s a breakdown of key points:

Reasons for Removal Orders:

  • Immigration violations: Overstaying a visa, working without authorization, violating visa conditions, etc.
  • Criminal activities: Serious crimes, posing a security threat, human rights violations, etc.
  • Other issues: Revocation of Canadian citizenship, failure to comply with a departure order, etc.

Types of Removal Orders:

  • Departure order: Requires leaving within 30 days, less severe, can be overcome with Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC).
  • Deportation order: Permanent ban, requires written permission for return, potentially involves repaying removal costs.
  • Exclusion order: Ban for 1-2 years for non-criminal immigration violations, can be overcome with ARC.

Obtaining Your Removal Order File:

  • Access through the GCMS system (requires application number).
  • Recommended to request from both IRCC and CBSA for complete information.

Request your Removal Order File

A removal order means that a person must exit Canada and is no longer legally allowed to remain in Canada. If this applies to you, you can obtain your Removal Order file from the GCMS system.

You’ll need the Removal Order application number, which starts with the letter N followed by 9 numbers.

It’s recommended to request the file from both IRCC and CBSA to ensure you receive the most comprehensive information, as inconsistencies in how they release data can occur. This will provide the maximum possible information about your file.

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