Consent Form

Why is a consent form required?

A consent form is required pursuant to the Canadian Privacy Act, which states that personal information shall not, without the consent of the individual to whom it relates, be disclosed.

Submitting a properly completed consent form with your request helps to prevent delays. Please review the instructions

Which consent form to use?

A prefilled consent form will be emailed to you after you complete the order form . You may also use the following online forms;


Use for GCMS Notes and Entire File requests from IRCC


Use for GCMS Notes, CBSA Notes and Entire File requests from CBSA


Use for CSIS Notes requests from CSIS

Is electronic signature accepted?

Yes, we do accept an electronically signed consent form during the pandemic if the recommended method of hand signing is not possible. Sign from your computer, tablet or cell phone using the 👆 above approved eSign forms (Typing name, initials or uploading an image of a signature is not accepted). It’s easier to use than paper. Once you have completed the form, all parties will receive an email containing the PDF document. Simple. Fast. Secure.

Where to send the consent form?

  • The consent form may be scanned and emailed to us. Please ensure that the consent form is scanned at high resolution.
  • Alternatively, the consent form can also be uploaded using the form below. (Up to 5MB in PDF or Image format)