All about CB01126

Officer CB01126
Officer CB01126

Applicants often wonder why their file at CIO-Sydney, Nova Scotia that has been assigned to the officer with badge number CB01126 taking so long to review. This post will explain what is known about officer CB01126.

Who is officer CB01126?

First off, CB01126 is not an officer!

Applications assigned to CB01126 are not actually assigned to a particular officer; CB01126 is used as a “container” code only, to house electronic files that have been reviewed by a level 1 decision-maker, and that are now in queue for further review or action by an officer.

IRCC Officer code CB01126 as seen in the CBSA notes
Container code CB01126 as seen in the CBSA notes

What is the current capacity (speed) of officer CB01126 at CIO-Sydney?

CB01126 is not an actual officer, as described in the previous question.

What is the capacity (speed) of CIO-Sydney to finalize applications?

This number varies widely and relates to monthly processing targets and varied priorities defined by IRCC not only for EE-PNP, but for other categories/types of files.

List of applications at CIO-Sydney assigned to CB01126

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