Entire File

GCMS Notes


  • Requesting the Entire File for immigration, student, visitor or work visa includes every single document related to your Canadian visa application. It will include all the documents submitted by you or your lawyer to support your visa application. It will also include a copy of your GCMS Notes.

    Requesting the Entire File (also referred to as the physical file) does not have any impact on the processing of your visa application.

  • Requesting the entire file may not be suitable for all applicants. If you find yourself in the following circumstances then you should consider obtaining your file;

    • You are reapplying for a visa and want to ensure consistency and accuracy with the previous application
    • You need a copy of the IELTS, CELPIP or TEF certificate that was mailed to IRCC
    • You need copies of employment references that were sent to IRCC
    • You need copies of documents that were submitted with your application

    Document Retention Policy – Pursuant to IRCC’s policy regarding the retention and disposal of information, Entire File related documents are disposed off 2 years after IRCC’s last administrative action. If it has been more than 2 years since IRCC notified you of a visa refusal then do not order the Entire File, IRCC would have destroyed those documents. Instead consider ordering the GCMS file which is available for up to 10 years after IRCC’s last administrative action.

  • Requesting the Entire File can take considerably longer than GCMS Notes