Case Management Report

Case Management Report

What is it?

The case management system is a software used to track access and privacy requests. It is used to automate capturing, tracking, reporting and managing cases as part of the information disclosure process. The Case Management Report is a report from the above software system and it shows how your request for the GCMS notes was processed. The report ranges from 2-5 pages and just like GCMS notes it takes about 30 days to process. The report will be sent to you electronically in a password protected PDF format.

How to order?

The Case Management Report can be requested from IRCC or CBSA. You can only request this report if you have an active or completed order for GCMS notes that was placed with us. Just complete the payment, that’s all that is needed! Be sure to use the same email that was used to place the order for the GCMS notes. A consent form is not needed and no other details are required.

Order Case Management Report

The Case Management Report is available for USD $5.00 at this time. The fee is non-refundable, so proceed only if you have an active or completed order for GCMS notes that was placed with us.

Report highlights

Date received

When was the request for GCMS file registered by the ATIP office

Due date

When is the GCMS file due. Also shows days allowed and days taken

Officer assigned

Name of the officer assigned to the file. Also shows the name of the decision maker


Line item detail of how the request was processed

What is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA or Bots)?

Due to the unprecedented demand for GCMS notes, IRCC has implemented the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). “Bots” are now being used by IRCC to process certain tasks. Two such bots in use by IRCC are called the “Wall-E” bot and the “Rosie” bot. Bots are also being used at CBSA to register requests without the requirement for human intervention. In the past, employees had to manually enter the information.

A Robotic Process Automation, or RPA or a Bot, is an automation software technology that will mimic certain tasks performed in an office computer environment. Bots are capable of simulating employee actions relating to basic processes. This means that it can perform low-complexity/ high volume tasks such as data entry, file and folder operations and other non-decision making processes. RPA’s are non-intrusive in nature and are able to leverage existing infrastructures with minimal disruptions to any underlying systems.

Sample Case Management Report

See the below example from a section of the Case Management Report that shows how this GCMS request was processed by IRCC.

Summary section of the report
Case Mgmt. Report - Closing section
Closing section of the report

The content of this page may be frequently updated. However, there will be NO change to the pricing in the near-term.